Strategic Program Partners

Idea2Market Africa is a Non-Profit Organisation created in 2017 in response to the growing need to focus on technology development, deployment and diffusion of home-grown innovations for economic and social impact. The mission of Idea2Market is to enhance the commercialisation of home-grown technologies in Africa, strengthen institutional linkages in the innovation ecosystem and to boost private sector participation in the innovation development process.

ShEquity’s purpose is to provide smart and sustainable investments for African women entrepreneurs and innovators, the key driver of inclusive socio-economic growth. We facilitate access to a pool of de-risked deals to investors and empower female entrepreneurs with financial resources and operational support needed to unlock their full potential.  Sheaquity helps provide access to seed capital: While Africa boasts an increasing number of female entrepreneurs, the funding gap remains a barrier to achieving full potential. Currently, women operate over 40% of SMEs in Africa, but there is a financing gap of US$ 42 billion between male and female entrepreneurs. It also provides operation support by helping women entrepreneurs for structured venture building as well as access to profitable, scalable and impactful deals.

The Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (SEIP) supports supports social entrepreneurs on their journey from planning to implementation. The initiative is a global support network of social entrepreneurs and impact oriented businesses. SEIP offers peer support, mentorship, online courses, events and webinars, consultation services and a supportive community.


Established in 2009, EIC Corporation is an international platform for shareholder Association and individual investors. EIC promotes financial inclusion through an elaborate training program for investors, coaching on personal finance and portfolio management and conducting legal research and monitoring.


SkillSafari enhances learning and competence development through recognition and validation of skills with digital micro credentials. The solution is based on years of experience working with skills development internationally. Using the “Skills to Badges” approach SkillSafari helps validate skills of individual who are then presented with digital badges with skills demonstration criteria and set standards. The badges are based on international top expertise like the UNESCO framework for teacher ICT skills, high level research and practical needs.


Donilab is an incubator and technology accelerator in Mali.Founded in 2015, Donilab supports Malian young entrepreneurs to create value locally by stimulating and developing their projects in all sectors. Donilab offers co-working space and incubation services to dozens of young people looking for an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and success. In addition to the  hub in Bamako, equipped with a FabLab, Donilab has also established a hub in Sikasso to fully invest in the agribusiness sector.


Start-up Marketing Consult is a brand engagement firm dedicated to supporting start-ups with progressive marketing ideas in order to build digital footprints while increasing the level and quality of their engagement with customers. We implement innovative consumer experiences to help businesses achieve its most ambitious results. We do this by providing intelligent online marketing strategies and designing content customers find valuable.

Capital Ventures offers a tokenization solution for financial and physical assets. Our end-to-end global solution based on DeeFi technology enables creating and handling asset-backed Security Tokens with state-of-the-art technology and a deep focus on compliance. We digitize investment processes and empowers a more efficient Security Token ecosystem.

The Mindset Revolution concept built on thought mastery, coaching and mentoring programmes that provides skilfulness and mindset coaching to a range of sectors including financial services, transport, aviation, central and local government. Particularly, Mindset Revolution supports corporate executives, potential entrepreneurs (especially women, teenagers and young adults) and ‘talented but troubled’ youth. The project plays a leading role in transforming mindsets of Africans wherever in the world they may be. 

AfriProspect GmbH is a group of experts on African innovation and impact investment in African businesses. The company provides strategic support and facilitates win-win business partnerships between innovators, corporates, female entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation ecosystem enablers. Capitalising on its expertise and high value network, AfriProspect fosters the growth and the scaling of African innovations and mobilize investments for impactful and sustainable African female-led businesses.

Predictive Excellence delivers research-based people strategies designed to help leaders drive exceptional business performance. The goal of the company is to help organisations identify potential value destroyers and define a structured integration of Timeline/Process Map to sustain value creation. Predictive Excellence’s data driven change management integration process is aimed at addressing the challenges of integrating organisational cultures, keeping employees engaged and focused, determining optimal organisational structure and integrating HR systems and processes. Predictive Excellence’s data driven change management integration process is aimed at addressing the challenges of integrating organisational cultures, keeping employees engaged and focused, determining optimal organisational structure and integrating HR systems and processes.

Global Lab Network is an open science and innovation community. The Network brings together students, scientists, researchers, innovators, change makers and educators together to work together to solve problems using science and technology.

Prime Communications Consultancy (PCC) is a communication consultancy established in 2011 by Dr. Augustina Amakye, PhD. which offers a broad range of communications services including training, proposal/ grant writing, editing and communications marketing/management.

ERTH🌏 is a digital platform that provides a free/on-demand electronic waste recycling service to individuals and businesses, and pays them in cash. The solution provides an easy 1,2,3 step process to recycling electronic waste and receiving a portion of the recycling revenue as a cash reward. By having thousands of heroes in our coverage region, we can optimize pickup routes to minimize the amount of fuel consumed for each pickup. Once the e-waste owner books a pickup request, the hero arrives at their preferred time to make the pickup and proceeds to collect other nearby requests or other requests on the way to the nearest ERTH warehouse.


ACACIA Integration GmbH, is a limited liability company incorporated under German law. It is a fully independent ICT consultancy and system integrator firm with a wide network of ICT experts and is specialized in different aspects of ICT across the Middle East and Africa “MEA” region. ACACIA Integration is interested in connecting African innovators with the global markets and in enabling the female-led start-ups to grow, sustain and scale their businesses up;

The Graduate School of management, (GSM) is a private business university, training students in the field of management in English (BBA, MEP, MBA, DBS) and also French (LP). GSM was created in May 2002 and approved as a tertiary establishment under the order N ° 174 / MESRS / DGES / DEPRIVE / S-DAH / kkj.

GSM is an English management school created in May 2002 to  deliver English-taught education at the tertiary level within a French environment. GSM is a fully registered private university managed by a team of well qualified, experienced, ambitious and result oriented young professionals.


Millennial is a creative service agency established to provide digital solutions to the African market.As a professional team of multidisciplinary creatives, Millennial’s experience runs deep in print design, brand development and positioning, website design and interactive multimedia development, content creation, social media management.
We deliver strong branding identity through marketing communications across all digital platforms and media.
With Millennial’s focus on providing solutions,the agency develops cutting edge softwares and applications that make our clients more efficient in their business practices.The team also develops a number of technology products and services that are aimed at solving African issues such as financial inclusion and poor access to education and health.

LEA Client Services is a resource mobilization agency focusing on three areas of fundraising: Startup fundraising, Corporate fundraising and Charity fundraising. Ours is a team of highly driven and experienced professionals drawn from resource mobilization, communication and innovation management backgrounds.

LEA partners  with growing startups to take the burden of fundraising by getting  them ready and attractive for viable partners. It provides a resource-efficient, risk aligned and proven service to start-ups from sources including Equity investors, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and a  high Network Individuals that propel  business to the next level of growth.