Sectors and Categories

We have identified sectors we deem critical not only for the immediate COVID-19 response but also those that would have medium to long term impact in Africa.


Agriculture and AgribusinessAgricultural Technology (AgriTech), Farming and Production, Food Processing and Storage, and/or Food Distribution
Health and Social InclusionPersonal Protection Equipment, Public Health, Drug Discovery, Biotechnology, Testing and Contact Tracing, Herbal Medicine, Gender empowerment
Finance and DistributionFinancial Technology (FinTech), Payment Systems, and/or Security
Industrial Production and TradeIndustrial Process Design, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Materials, Industrial Products, and/or eCommerce
Water and SanitationIrrigation, Water Treatment, Hand Sanitisers, and/or Hand Washing Systems
Environment and Climate ChangeSolar and other forms of Renewable Energy Recycling, Energy Efficiency, and/or Waste Management 
4th Industrial Revolution and Related TechnologiesRobotics, 3D Printing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and BlockChain Technologies¬†
EducationEducation Technology (EdTech) and/or Content Providers