Program Content and Topics

Program Description and Objectives 

InnovACTION Program is a capability-based professional development program that focuses on innovation and technology management. The goal of the Program is to develop the capabilities of innovators to design, develop and commercialize technologies, products and services. The specific objectives of the program are: 

  1. To provide participants with an understanding of the concept, content and process of innovation to enhance their skills; 
  2. To further develop the capability of innovators to think more innovatively, apply future orientation to their innovation development process, and to develop their skills to collaborate, communicate and create profitable, market creating partnerships;
  3. To provide participants with the knowledge and tools to help them understand the scientific and industry dynamics of the sectors in which their innovations are situated.
  4. To provide participants with tools, knowledge and connections which enable them to better position their innovations in comparison to other related solutions attempting to solve same challenges.


The program will consist of the following formats:

  1. Innovation Clinics to discuss individual project proposals and help participants build personal learning roadmaps that meet their specific needs:

  2. Virtual Masterclasses of 90 minutes each on the different thematic areas

  3. Up to 6 hours of personalized coaching and mentoring

  4. Project-based applied research

  5. Cross-sector knowledge exchange and discussion forums

What participants can do after this program

At end of the program, participants would have gained concrete, hands on capabilities to develop and deploy market creating innovations. Participants will be able to:

  1. Develop solutions creatively Collaborate effectively
  2. Think more innovatively
    Communicate effectively
  3. Connect their business with scientific principles
  4. Accelerate their innovations
  5. Tap into InnovAction network to validate their innovations
  6. Make data-backed decisions

Virtual Innovation Clinics

 The objective of the clinic is to identify challenges and competence gaps of the participants. The discussions will be based on participant submissions during the admission period. Following the clinic each participant will write a personal innovation plan to guide his/her studies. These plans will serve as individual roadmaps for participants.

Virtual Master Classes

The program comprises general innovation readiness topics aimed at enhancing the skills of innovators to continuously think innovatively, network efficiently and to manage technological, product/service and market innovations effectively. The Master Classes also provides analysis of contemporary scientific and industry trends.

Virtual Coaching and Mentorship

Participants will be assigned mentors and coaches based on the assessment of their development needs. The Coaches will determine the schedule of the sessions, but the general recommendation is to schedule sessions for evenings and weekends and in accordance with time zone considerations of coaches and mentors.


InnovACTION Master Class Structure and Content

The table provides an overview of the InnovACTIOn Fellowship Program.
ComponentCore CompetencesTopicsNumber of hours
General Innovation Readiness StudiesMarket Creating CompetenceMarket Creating Innovations

Market Discovery
4 hours
Innovation Project ManagementUnderstanding the Innovation Development (Concept, Process and Context)

Commercialisation and Technology Transfer

New Product Development

Financing Models for Innovation
6 hours
Networking and Collaboration CompetenceCreating and Managing Winning Collaborations

Writing a Winning Proposal

Getting to yes – Pitching for Success
6 hours
Self-Management and Personal GrowthDeveloping an Innovation Mindset

Self-Efficacy and Personal Growth
4 hours
Analytical CompetenceInnovation Thinking Skills (Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Creative Thinking)2 hours
Sector/Industry Specific Competence Scientific Competence

Industry Knowledge
Agriculture, AgriTech and Agribusiness

Energy and Environment

Health and HealthTech

Education and EdTech

Finance and FinTech

Transportation and Travel

Creative Entertainment and Leisure

4IR ( Cyber-security, Robotics, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Blockchain and related technologies)

6 hours per sector