OneGhana Movement COVID-19 Educational Campaign

As part of its mandate, the OneGhana Movement lends its voice to various national and social causes. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 therefore; the organisation issued various press releases addressed to the government on the threats the virus could pose, and suggested recommendations to help mitigate the situation.

The OneGhana Movement developed fifteen (15) educational videos; four (4)  videos in English, and eleven (11) in other Ghanaian languages to help educate the citizenry on what the virus is, as well as precautionary measures to engage in and what not to do. Four (4) videos were further developed to admonish the citizenry against stigmatization of covid-19 patients and survivors, as this practice 

These videos were made in the indigenous languages of the citizenry to ensure that the severity of the pandemic will be well understood, and citizens will adhere strictly to measures advised by the government and its health agencies.

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