Andy Kusi-Appiah: After COVID-19

After COVID-19 what next: Imagining the marginalized from the perspective of the ‘other.”

We face real and hard choices between investing in humans and investing in technology. Because the brutal truth is that, as it stands, we are unlikely to do both.”

“Returning to the ‘new’ normal is easier for the western world (and the surrogate colonialists all over the world). The vast majority of inhabitants of the western world can stay home and still get the essential resources we need, but it doesn’t work that way for marginalized and poor people all over the globe. Yes, I care about the JC Penneys of the world, Sears, the Neiman Marcuses etc., who are sitting on a pile of debt and are struggling to survive this deadly pandemic, but I care more about people like Madam Favour Moshoashoa, a resident of the city of Mzuzu in Malawi, who is unemployable by western standards and is left with taking care of a household of ten people with no land, no income, and no potable water supply. For local people like Mama Favour Moshoashoa, whether they will recover from this recession, even if it is temporary, is a big question – I pray for favour and I pray for all my human cousins all over the world! Much will depend on how well-meaning people around the world can mobilize to ease the pain of marginalized people living and working in informal settlements around the globe.” Read Full article

Source: The Black Otawa Scene