Meet the Team

Foster Ofosu
Program Initiator Strategic Advisor

Mr. Foster Ofosu is an economist with over 20 years experience in researching, teaching and practicing International Business and Innovation Management.  He is an innovation and technology driver with entrepreneurial instincts and training, supporting creative initiatives inside and outside organizations. Foster has an insatiable passion for developing the capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa especially among the youth. 

Satu Järvinen
Program Manager

Ms. Satu Järvinen  an education professional, especially in developing innovative new learning solutions for skills development internationally, for the past years solely in Africa. Satu has over 10 years experience in setting educational service strategy and implementing innovative digital learning solutions to increase education quality and relevance. works with a large global partner network to develop and effectively deploy innovative solutions in skills validation

Ephraim Daka
Innovation Strategy and Policy

Mr Ephraim Daka has more than 14 years of experience in multi-disciplinary program management, development economics, research, and technology field. Expertise in project cycle management, Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) policy, commercialisation & governance. Processes sound knowledge in private-public sector partnership, institutional strengthening and governance, and  SME growth  through inclusive innovation.

Pauline Akolo
Communications, External Relations and Partnerships

Ms. Pauline Akolo is a  strategic Communications expert with close to 10 years of International experience, with a  solid understanding of International Development Communication. She is a  committed client focused practitioner with a passion to deliver and an in-depth knowledge of all components of media and communications, including Strategy, Research and content Development, Editing, Social Media Management, External and Media Relations and Branding.

Teta Mukama
Content Administration

Ms  Teta Mukama has over 9 years experience in technical and vocational training. Teta has  deep expertise in competency assessment as in work place environments. In addition to teaching and educational administration, Teta has a passion for innovation and hands-on skill development especially among the youth.