Become an InnovACTION Partner

Given the scale of wGiven the scale of what needs to be done, Idea2market recognizes that it cannot do this alone. Idea2Market has devised a model that integrates the active involvement of partner organisations. Idea2Market relies on partner organisations to reach out to deserving yet promising entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa. Such collaborative efforts will better facilitate supporting and scaling up the innovations that Africa needs. Potential areas for partnerships are as follows:

  1. Sector expertise in developing and delivering sessions of the InnovACTION program;
  2. Access to and the selection of qualified African entrepreneurs and innovators;
  3. Communication and outreach, including social media;
  4. Research and publications;
  5. Staff resources to help manage the program; and 
  6. Technical support. 

Why Serve as a Partner for InnovACTION?

  1. You will be presented with a practical opportunity to share a common vision of an innovation-driven Africa;
  2. You will obtain a certificate of commendation;
  3. Your company logo and corporate marketing information will be featured on various websites and social media platforms; 
  4. You can integrate the partnership under your corporate community investment/ development program(s); and 
  5. You will become part of a unique network of innovative organisations focused on Africa. 

Sign up to become a Partner

If the above-mentioned reasons appeal to you, please contact Idea2Market to discuss possible partnership options.