Volunteer Mentors and Coaches

Idea2Market relies on like-minded experts who are willing to devote their time to mentor, coach and motivate African entrepreneurs and innovators. To ensure the successful implementation of the COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Bootcamp,innovation and entrepreneurship experts in Africa and globally will be sought that are willing and available to give back their time to Africa in these challenging times. These experts will be requested to serve as mentors or coaches. 

As Mentor or Coach, each expert will be assigned to a maximum of 3 mentees. Each expert will be expected to devote 8 hours/month with each mentee. 

Why volunteer to become a Mentor or Coach for the InnovACTION Program? 

  1. You will be presented with a practical opportunity to contribute to advancing the entrepreneurship and innovation agendas in Africa;
  2. You will become part of a unique network of African innovators and entrepreneurs. 

If the above-mentioned reasons appeal to you, please contact us to discuss possible volunteer options.

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