Format of the InnovACTION Program

The InnovACTION sessions will be implemented in three phases as follows:

Phase 1: Virtual Meetings:  

The first phase involves virtual discussions and training on topical issues, directly related to the specific needs of the participants. These meetups are organized by technology and sector in order to enhance the effectiveness of the outcomesA town hall format with short presentations on topical issues on product and technological innovations is utilized. These presentations will be followed by a Question and Answer (Q&A) session in which participants will receive expert answers and guidance on issues they are currently facing or plans for the future.

Phase 2 Individual Mentoring and Coaching: This phase consists of individual mentoring and coaching sessions, These sessions take the form of scheduled meetings with selected innovators to discuss their ideas and products in greater detail. These sessions seek to provide practical guidance for product/technology acceleration and market entry plans in preparation for the post COVID-19 period. 

Who Can Participate?

The InnovACTION sessions are by invitation only. The sessions will be open to African entrepreneurs and innovators who have demonstrated progress in existing projects prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sessions are not educational or training sessions on innovation but are events aimed at supporting existing entrepreneurs and innovators to improve their products and technologies and prepare for the future. Participants would need to have clearly defined needs for:

  1. Product/Technology development;
  2. Market Development;
  3. Commercialization and Technology Transfer; and/or 
  4. International Expansion.  

Why participate?

  1. You will be presented with an opportunity to work with a high level group of seasoned experts from Africa and globally, with substantive experience in innovation development.
  2. You will become part of a pan-African network of innovators working in the same industry/sector.
  3. You will benefit from  a multidisciplinary approach guaranteeing an innovative combination of scientific and industry knowledge
  4. You will be presented with an opportunity to join an “innovation factory” to finalize your product and technology for market entry/expansion.
  5. You will enhance the investor-readiness of your product/technology.
  6. You will gain access to technology, industry and market data.